Case Study - Mobile-Based Training and Certification

Mobile App-Based Training

A mobile-based process for the training of factory operatives

The challenge

Due to a sudden increase in work, we were asked by a client to develop an onboarding and training solution that could deliver fast results. This request was complicated further, as the client needed us to train a range of staff on several different tasks and processes — and certify them upon completion.

While the training process would largely be completed online, there was an element of offline training and assistance to incorporate. When an employee needed guidance, the system needed to accommodate that need quickly and efficiently.

As this was a dynamic manufacturing environment, a lot of the trainees were constantly on the move — away from their desks and difficult to pin down at any given moment. A mobile app would free operatives from computer terminals and allow for a more flexible, transient approach to training.

The client also requested that we incorporate a user-friendly user authentication process, as individual users needed to be certified for specific tasks. This would prevent those without the requisite qualifications to perform certain tasks.

We were also asked to develop a way to track various tasks being completed by users and assess their performance; ie. assess how long processes were taking.

As ever, we wanted to take a personal, face-to-face approach to this request. That’s why we hit the factory floor and immersed ourselves in the client’s operation.

Our solution

To keep the training and certification process as flexible as possible, we designed apps for both mobile and web browsers.

Our web-based training and CMS system

After we’d assessed the specific operations of the clients, we were able to develop an app that could deliver the following functions across the entire workforce:

  • Standard Operating Procedures for various tasks and roles across the factory operation

  • A CMS that integrates instructions, training and documentation to create a task-by-task development tool

  • A test and verification process that staff can complete to confirm an operative's ability to perform a certain task

  • A mechanism that highlights training gaps and the steps required to fill them

  • A thorough reporting system that allows managers to access a training overview and identify skills or training deficiencies

  • An automated training reminder system that ensures managers and operatives are notified when there is training to complete


Our mobile app for iOS and Android

We identified a need for learning on the go. If users could squeeze short training sessions into their day, wherever they happened to be at the time, the organisation’s overall training approach could be made more efficient.

The mobile solution we developed delivered the following functionality:

  • Mobile training modules, including all the materials needed to train on the job

  • Access to essential training materials, including videos, reference materials and documents

  • A seamless marking system that allows supervisors to authenticate users and verify their skills

  • A training and skills gap tool that identifies deficiencies and training to-dos automatically

  • The ability for users to track their performance over time — perfect for personal development and identifying additional training requirements

The results

By taking the time to assess the way our client addresses training needs, we were able to develop an agile, flexible and fully mobile training system for everyone. Operatives could complete their modules while on the line, and supervisors could verify skills and learning with ease.

What’s mre, there was now a much more efficient way to monitor training across the entire workforce. Our system successfully identified training and skills gaps, giving supervisors an at-a-glance method of assessing the current situation.

As a result of our web-based and mobile training apps, we were able to increase staff retention and help our client fulfil their training-related health and safety obligations. We were also able to raise overall well-being and morale levels, thanks to plugging training gaps across the workforce.

Project Information

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    Scotland, United Kingdom