About isai

About isai - Software Developers for the Electronic Manufacturing Industry

isai prefers the flexible, personal approach to software development. Serving clients in the Electronic and Manufacturing industry, our developers listen and learn before creating digital solutions tailored to the needs and challenges of the operation.

As you might expect, improving factory efficiency, productivity, traceability and accountability are always priorities for us. But what sets us apart from other developers in the EMS industry is our flexibility, responsiveness and the personal touch we bring to everything we do.

We’ve been developing manufacturing process software for more than two decades — in the UK and the US. And during that time, we’ve gained an instinct for identifying manufacturing challenges. There isn’t much we have seen, which means we’re able to hit the ground running when we’re tasked with developing digital solutions for our clients.

Our Approach

Whether we developing factory management software for a small business or a multinational organisation, our approach is always the same. We pride ourselves on being a hands-on developer. We’re always on hand to answer questions and troubleshoot. When we take on a project, we immerse ourselves in the client’s operation and develop real relationships on the shop floor and in the boardroom.

Our Ethos

The fastest route to successful software projects and more efficient operations involves communication, collaboration and trust. We don’t just sell bespoke manufacturing process software and then leave you to it. We answer your questions quickly and honestly; we troubleshoot when the need arises; and we provide a personal touch that larger development companies don’t have the time for.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to deliver reliable, secure and stable manufacturing process software solutions by taking an adaptable, creative approach at all times. We embrace the latest technologies and continually develop our methodologies to ensure we’re always moving forwards. When we evolve, the businesses we serve become leaner, meaner and more profitable.

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