Case Study - Agent Portal

Agent Portal

An administration-busting communication system for agent communications

The challenge

One of our clients operates a global Electronic Manufacturing business that covers various countries — each with a dedicated agent that generates orders for factories in the UK and the US.

As every agent has a different way of working, orders and correspondence come in many different formats. And because there was no specific platform for these communications, our client’s staff had to deal with a cumbersome and very costly administrative process. Everything was done via email and phone, which delayed orders and placed a heavy burden on the client’s head office workforce.

The typical order for an electronics manufacturer of this stature is large and complex — often including a wide range of specifications and requirements. And because these details were being processed manually by individuals, the potential for errors and duplications was huge. Indeed, that data entry process was causing the client a serious headache.

That’s why we created a system to cut out the manual admin, streamline the process and eradicate human error.

Our solution

We created a fully bespoke, web-based solution from the ground up. We gave agents from around the world access to it — allowing them to send their orders in via a standardised process.

Wherever they are in the world, every agent now completes exactly the same process. They enter technical information, financial details and order particulars via a universal template.

Because every submission is now the same, factory managers can review the details quickly and efficiently. We also added a communication facility that allows managers to offer feedback or report production issues.

Agents were given an accessible, easy-to-use tool that offers an overview of their order. They were also allowed to log in to the system when they needed to check the current status of their orders.

The idea behind the system was to give every agent online access to order information that would negate the need to constantly contact head office for status updates. We also succeeded in our efforts to eradicate time-consuming data entry tasks by the client’s busy administration staff.

The results

Following the implementation of our custom software solution, we were successful in relieving the administrative burden on both the agents and head office staff. This means more time for agents to chase new business and reduced administration costs for our clients.

Our system also addressed the age-old problem of human error during the data entry process. The consequences of erroneous data entry include order errors, inferior quality, a failure to deliver key specifications, poor customer service and reputational damage. We’ve helped our client avoid all of these potentially costly pitfalls.

Ultimately, we created a seamless transactional process between our client, their agents and the customers who are ordering electronic products. This streamlined approach to dealing with third parties has the potential to impress prospective clients and boost customer retention.

All in all, this was one of our most successful client collaborations. A clear set of objectives and a comprehensive assessment of the problem allowed us to create a highly customised solution which delivered results from the outset. 

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    Scotland, United Kingdom